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A Tale of Two Kindergarteners September 14, 2012

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My boys are both 5 and they are both in kindergarten.

And that is basically where the similarities end.  Every day after school, I try to ask questions about their day.  Specific questions.  One of my sons is full of information and explanations and details about every little thing.  My other son is….well, let’s just say that getting information from him isn’t always so easy.  Here is an example.

A conversation with Isaac after school

Me:  What was your favorite part about school today?

Isaac:  I can’t even answer that because I loved EVERY! SINGLE! THING!!

Me:  Well, tell me about it.

Isaac:  I got this stamp on my hand at music for being the one who was obeying the best.  See it?  And it smells like strawberries!  And there is another boy named Isaac at my school!  He wears a Transformers shirt and we play on the playground.  I play spiderman and he plays “Chase Isaac Wood” which I like okay.  And that bad old Joey has to sit at the green rhombus table with me and he just doesn’t obey and he never gets buttons (the reward system in their class).  And Lauren cheers for Alabama.  And I walked into a pole, so I had to go see Nurse Melanie and she put ice on my head, and she is so nice.  And we have to sell wrapping paper to free the Angry Bird.  And we are going to go on a field trip to a farm.  And I’m feeling nervous about riding the bus.  And for the daily news, I said, “Isaac likes pancakes”.  Now let me sing you 10 consecutive songs about how to spell color words.

(you get the gist)

A Conversation with Matthew after school

Me:  What was your favorite part of school today?

Matthew:  I don’t knoooow (said in an annoyed, teenager-y voice)

Me:  Hmmmm, well did you go to the library today?

Matthew:  Yes

Me:  Did you get a book?

Matthew:  Yes

Me:  What is the book called?

Matthew:  I don’t know but it has blood all over it.

Me (feeling really skeeved out at this point):  Was it YOUR blood?

Matthew:  No

Me:  Whose blood was it?

Matthew:  I don’t know

Me:  Well where did the blood come from?

Matthew:  The book.  And my hands.  And my nose.

Me:  Did you hurt yourself?

Matthew:  No

Me:  Were you bleeding?

Matthew:  No

Me:  Did one of your friends have a boo boo?

Matthew:  No

Me:  Matthew, this is very important.  Please tell me where the blood came from.

Matthew:  Huh?

Me (taking a deep breath and rethinking my strategy):  Matthew, did you have to go see Nurse Melanie today?

Matthew:  Yes

(okay, now we’re getting somewhere)

Me:  And what did she do when she saw you?

Matthew:  I washed my hands

Me:  did she have to put a band aid on you?

Matthew:  No

Me:  Did she have to put ice on you?

Matthew:  Yes

Me:  Where did she put the ice?

Matthew:  On my nose.

End scene.  I deduced that Matthew was picking his nose and made it bleed.  And he apparently got blood on his library book which is triple grody.  But my word, I was so exhausted after that conversation, I could barely wrap my head around making dinner.

These boys of mine–both so amazing and so tiring in their own ways.


6 Responses to “A Tale of Two Kindergarteners”

  1. Jerusha Says:

    This is hilarious, and so perfectly depicts the challenges of parenting more than one kid, regardless of age. They’re so different and require such…strategizing! (which is often exhausting)

  2. Mom Says:

    Each one is his own wonderful person! Just imagine if you had two that were just alike? Now that would really by exhausting!

  3. Yvonne Says:

    This cracks me up because it sounds so familiar! Night and day here too between Andrew and Natalie. I’m learning a lot more about preschool now that Natalie is in preschool – so many things I never knew, but when Andrew hears Natalie talking about it, he says “I did that too!” Sigh. So I hear you. When I really need to know something about school from Andrew – I send in daddy. It’s amazing what he can get out of our son. Some father/son thing going on there.

  4. Isn’t it crazy how different two kids can be?!

  5. mlewis597 Says:

    Oh, that is too funny! This is slightly on topic, but when Camden started school, we couldnt get any info out of him. I would let it go, but at supper, we always went around the table and we each told about the best and worst moment of the day. That was generally enough to get conversation going again after he had a break from school. Now, Rory, on the other hand is ready to tell me every little detail like Isaac.

  6. Hilarious dichotomy! D is more like Matthew and tells us nothing. Sometimes info will come out over time but only When he thinks if it. I figured it was a boy thing but our neighbour girl in JK is the same. I hope one of my boys will offer more disclosure!

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