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As Long as We’re Clear September 16, 2012

Filed under: everyday life,huh?,Isaac — Elizabeth @ 12:48 PM

Yesterday, our family went to a local track to ride bikes, scooters, and rollerblade.  We had the whole track to ourselves and it was a beautiful day.

For the first few laps, Isaac was intent on pretending that we were all characters on Mario Kart.  Matthew shuts these imaginary games down pretty quickly by simply ignoring them and refusing to take any part.  Jason was playing basketball.  I try to be a good sport, so for 2 laps, I would respond appropriately when he told me I was slipping on banana peels or that he just got a golden mushroom, etc.

After a while, I told him that I was done racing, that I simply wanted to rollerblade.

Isaac:  okay, but I’m beating you.  I just dropped a banana peel.

Me:  Isaac, seriously, I’m done playing that.  I don’t want to race.

Isaac:  Okay.  We won’t race……we’ll just see who gets to the finish line first.


One Response to “As Long as We’re Clear”

  1. Looks like you have a competitive little guy on your hands! Too cute.

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