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Thanks for the Clarification January 5, 2013

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This morning, Matthew sat down at the dining room table to write some letters.  This, in itself, is amazing because up until this week, he hasn’t had the confidence to try and sound out words on his own.  He found a formula that he was comfortable with and stuck with it.

“Daddy u r my best daddy”

“Isaac u r my best Isaac”

“Mommy u r my best mommy”January 2013 293

Isaac pointed out to him that I was his only mommy.  But I stopped him.

Actually, Matthew has 3 mommies.  Can you tell me about them, Matthew?

You could see a light bulb go on in his head.

Omma?  And tummy mommy?

That’s right!

And just like that, he sat down to write a new letter:

January 2013 294

Way to keep me in my place.



5 Responses to “Thanks for the Clarification”

  1. deb jacobs Says:

    WOW. xxxx

  2. Casa Bicicleta Says:

    Love it. 🙂

  3. aunt chris Says:

    Awww…he is trying to get the details right. As he gets older, the past will continue to be more of a “story” and less of a memory…already showing.

  4. Melissa Says:

    Love it! And I love it when they start sounding words out and writing them.

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