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Fly Away, Little Boy January 29, 2013

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Tonight we realized that Isaac’s two front teeth are loose.  I know it sounds dramatic, but my heart nearly stopped.  I was at once very excited and completely devastated.

Time, you thief!!  You found us again.

The two front teeth are a big deal.  Once those suckers start coming in, it changes the whole look of your face!  Everything begins to transform and morph.  And I can go ahead and tell you, these aren’t going to be just some dainty little teeth.  Isaac hails from “big teeth” genetics–we’re talking multiple stints with braces, headgear, getting permanent teeth removed to make room in your mouth kinda stuff.  This could be all kinds of crazy.  I’m not ready.  My newborn who became a baby who became a toddler who became a preschooler who became a little boy is now about to be:  a kid.  I don’t remember authorizing this.

But I don’t know why I’m surprised.  The signs are all around me.

His toes are stretching the seams of his footie pajamas–the biggest size I could find at Carters.

The little boy who used to pore over the Thomas catalog and recite the engine names in his high, breathy voice chose a Mario video game manual as his book tonight.  (Don’t worry, mom, he told me, we will only read the part in English.  Not the Spanish and French.)

January 29, 2013 064

Yesterday, on the way to karate he informed me that my van was a rectangular prism.

He’s growing up.  And I would be pretty ticked off about it if I didn’t just absolutely adore the person he is becoming each day.

He is such an incredibly kind and thoughtful person.  I was sick on Saturday and he left me notes all over the house to make me feel better.  This one was stuck inside my makeup drawer:

January 29, 2013 006

He’s creative and sensitive and well-liked at school.  Every day I wake up amazed that I get to be his mom.

So with that, I loosen my grip on this little boy.  Not that I have any choice about it, really.  The more I let go, the more space I give him to amaze me daily…..with his pure Isaac-ness.

He’s growing up.

January 29, 2013 062Fly away, little boy.


5 Responses to “Fly Away, Little Boy”

  1. Aunt Chris Says:

    Boo hoo..best post yet. Just a few paragraphs, but they say it all about this stage of motherhood…choke

  2. deb jacobs Says:

    he is quite the wonderful boy xx

  3. Melissa Says:

    Oh, I totally get this. Rory lost her 2 bottom teeth right before Christmas, and I cried. I told Brian just last night that she’s almost grown out of 5t and I’m going to have to start shopping in the big girl section. Yikes!

    And you crack me up with the big teeth comment. 🙂

  4. I had a good cry when I read this. It took me back to when you and your sisters were growing up. I loved every stage (well, almost. Those teen age years had their moments.)

  5. Michelle Watson Says:

    They grow up fast, but don’t worry….momma is always special. It doesn’t happen often, but my older son (he will be 16 in 2 weeks) laid beside me with his laptop in hand and his head on my shoulder showing me trucks & all sorts of accessories he likes last night. He talked & I subtly ran my hands through his hair & soaked in the moment. For that moment t least, he was still my little boy!

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