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Whatnot Saturday June 15, 2013

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  • I know, I know!  I haven’t done a whatnot post in forever.  But Thursday night, I got all hopped up on bone broth and found myself reading old whatnot posts until about midnight.  I was giggling so hard that I was crying.  Those posts were fun and funny.  And the funny hasn’t stopped around here…..I’ve just been busy.
  • But my aunt kept the kids overnight last night so I have a quiet hour this morning and I have some whatnot to churn out of my brain.  On that same note, I am here to tell you that on the one night that your kids are gone and you and your husband stay up til nearly 1 AM drinking prosecco…..that is the night that your dog will get diarrhea and have to be let outside multiple times at 4 AM.
  • So yeah, like I said, I’ve been busy.  Blogging isn’t the only thing that’s taken a backseat.  Laundry is low on the priority list.  So much so that on Thursday, I was wearing my last pair of clean underwear, Isaac was wearing his last pair of clean shorts, and my husband wore corduroys to work…..in 90 degree heat.
  • Don’t feel too bad for Jason though, he had no idea that corduroys in the summer were a faux pas.  #engineerbrain
  • #dontyoujustlovehashtags  #iamkindaobsessedwiththem
  • So Isaac has lost 4 teeth so far.  His first two teeth were collected by the tooth fairy and now reside rather creepily in my jewelry box.  But his hoarder instinct kicked in after that and he started leaving notes for the tooth fairy, asking to keep his teeth.  He keeps his teeth in an old plastic Easter egg.  A tooth maraca, if you will.
  • There is a yummy popsicle joint here locally and they make great popsicles with natural ingredients.  A fun, affordable treat.  But they happen to be in a part of town that we just don’t go to all that often.  I took the boys once last year for popsicles and I guess it made quite an impression on them.  We were over in that neck of the woods last week and I told them we were going to go get some popsicles.  Isaac asked excitedly–from the same place we got popsicles last year??  Yes, I told him.  Whoa, can we go here EVERY year??? he asked.  We’ll see, I told him mysteriously.  Yes, my friends.  $3 popsicles are a yearly treat around here.  #Keepingexpectationslowfor6yearsandcounting
  • I joined a gym.  And I didn’t just join.  I’m working out and everything.  Pretty crazy.  I took a class called Body Sculpt and I thought it might be kind of challenging, but fun.  OH MY WORD.  Well, I almost threw up during the 5 minutes of ab exercises, if that tells you anything.  We did a lot of arm work though, which is something that I really need.  I noticed something kind of odd though.  When using the arm weights, there was one exercise that was seriously so hard and grueling that every time I lifted the weights (5 pounders, mind you), my upper lip would curl.  I seriously couldn’t control it!  My face was contorting like a crazy person!  I looked like Sylvester Stallone, but jiggly-er!!  I can tell you that because of the wall to wall mirror I was facing…..which I am here to tell you–if given the option to watch yourself during a body sculpt class, opt out, friend.  Just.Opt.Out.
  • Isaac has this new thing where he says, “awk-ward”, in a sing-song voice.  But he isn’t quite sure what awkward really means.  So I will tell him I’m making an omelet for lunch and he will say “Awk-ward”.  We keep trying to explain what awkward means and why it isn’t awkward to have an omelet for lunch.  I mean, it might be awkward to have an omelet for lunch if you were having a chicken over for lunch, but other than that, it’s just plain delicious.
  • Isaac knows 4 girls named Ella.  So the other day he said, that Little Ella at karate moved away.  She is different than Weird Ella from school.  I had never heard of “weird Ella” and I immediately started asking questions, trying to find out why he was calling her weird, which I told him wasn’t nice.  He said, well I’m weird.  (true)  Turns out, he calls her weird because they play a weird game together.  I could tell he was embarrassed about the game, but I finally got it out of him.  He said, she pretends to be my mom and I try to kiss her.  Which is when Jason and I looked at each other and said, “AWK-WARD!!!!!”.

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