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Goals August 12, 2014

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There are a few bright spots to parenting a child with different needs.  I’ve gained perspectives that may have otherwise eluded me. 

Before Matthew started kindergarten, I couldn’t fathom him ever learning to read.  I secretly worried that it would never happen.  And then he started kindergarten and, voila, he learned to read.  And I realized that was the easy part…..for him.  The interpersonal stuff was harder.  The ability to roll with transitions.  The eye contact.  The give and take of conversation….of friendship.  That’s the stuff that takes work. 

So when asked to set goals for him this year, I knew that math and reading weren’t on my radar.  Obviously, we’ll do the homework and care about his schoolwork, but that will come in time, no matter what.  He will catch on.  What we are leaning into is the harder stuff.  The stuff that comes naturally to most.  The stuff that will build him up for future grades….and future relationships.

Here’s to setting goals.

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